A: Config Process

By certskills October 25, 2018 09:05

For #CCNA prep, we get used to a two-step process: change the configuration and use the copy run start command to save the configuration. However, what happens when you interleave some less-used commands around the same time?

The Answers:



Disclaimer before the Answer

Before you post to tell me that no one would ever issue the commands listed in this question in the order shown, let me make a few points.

  • The goal is to be ready for the exam, and I could imagine a question that required the ability to analyze what’s happening in this question.
  • One person who is still learning the commands could easily try this sequence
  • Multiple engineers could be working at the same time and accidentally cause this sequence to happen!

Please take this one as an opportunity to learn and think, which is my intent. Anything that gets you one step closer to passing is good!


Background: Analysis of the Steps in the Question

To analyze this scenario, begin at the end, with the reload command. The sequence ends with a reload, along with the statement about all prompts answered with a “no.” That means:

If you have changed the running-config, the reload command causes IOS to ask you if you want to save the running-config to the startup-config before reloading, and the engineer answered “no.”

From that perspective, the switch uses the startup-config file as is at step 7.

Working backward from step 7, at what previous steps (if any) does the engineer save the configuration? Step 4, and step 4 only. None of the other steps issue a copy running-config startup-config command. So you need to figure out the hostname setting in the running-config file leading up to step 4.

Again working backward, this time from step 4, what do we know about the hostname setting in the running-config? Well, it has had a few values before step 4, but step 3 most recently configured the hostname Brenda command, setting the hostname in the running-config.

To summarize the key ideas:

  • At step 3, the engineer sets the hostname to Brenda in the running-config file.
  • At step 4, the engineer saves the running-config to the startup-config.
  • No changes occur to the startup-config before step 7.
  • The process at step 7 reloads the switch using the startup-config as is.


Figure 1: Hostname Settings to Begin the Question


Figure 2: Hostname After Step 3


Figure 3: Hostname Settings After Step 4


Figure 4: Hostname Settings After Reload

Q: Config Process
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By certskills October 25, 2018 09:05
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